Asahi Tanker an oil transportation company and Eeno-Yamamizu Corporation a shipbroking company have partnered up to jointly develop a domestic shipping container which incorporates “zero-emission electric propulsion”.

The vessel is scheduled to be in Tokyo Bay in the fourth quarter of 2020. The main source of energy for the vessel will be lithium-ion battery packs.

"e5' Shipping Tanker Size Comparison
‘e5’ Shipping Tanker Size Comparison. Image Credit: Exeno / Asahi Tanker

The development of the vessel will be known as “e5” for its capture of five core principals. First being “Electrification” for its use of Lithium-Ion Battery as its main source of power. Second being “Environment” for its control of pollutants such as CO2, NOx, SOx and noise reduction. Third being “Economics” for being efficient in through installment of IOT device. Fourth being “Efficient” by use of simple construction thus reducing efforts by the crew and lastly “Evolution” which implies adapting to technological advancement and leading the future of domestic shipping.

The size of “e5” electric vessel will be 197 feet (60 meters) long and will have cargo tanker capacity of 1,300 cubic meters – which will allow the vessel to carry 1,300,000 liters or 350,000 gallons of fuel onboard. In addition, the vessel will have 2 x 350 kW azimuth thruster and 1 x 130 kW bow thruster.

Image Credit: Exeno / Asahi Tanker

The irony here is that the vessel will be carrying petroleum oil to refuel ships in the Tokyo Bay. Nonetheless, We can only applaud both companies for their effort in helping combat the changing climate.


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