Image Credit: PHYSEE

Solar power panel has not only gone down in price in decades but it is now being combined with windows to power residential and commercial building. Currently, both sectors account for 20% of global energy consumption.

For skyscrapers, the roof is not a prime real estate for solar but in fact, it is the windows. The company which is targeting that prime real estate is PHYEE a Netherlands based solar company.

They designed PowerWindow, which has solar cells in edges of the windows, generating electricity by capturing UV and infrared light.

Of course, you will not be powering the whole building with the technology. In fact, the company helps optimize the placement of solar technology by making a 3D scan of the building. The scan helps find the spots where most direct sunlight is being received.

One of their first clients for the pilot project was Rabobank in Eindhoven, receiving just over 300 square feet of PowerWindow. Currently, PowerWindow has been installed in a commercial and residential building in the EU but is set to take it internationally.


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