Luxembourg Ujet has created a sleek and stylish fully portable electric scooter. The scooter features 14-inch futuristic orbital wheels and magnesium fiber frame. The ultra-lightweight scooter is space efficient and energy efficient.

Ujet the space efficient scooter has a removable battery located in the seat compartment which transforms into movable luggage. This is designed this way for customers to charge the battery more conveniently on the go. The scooter comes in the following cruising specs.

  • 108 Pounds (55 kg) – 21 – 46 miles ( 35 – 75 km) range
  • 121 Pounds (55 kg) – 43 – 93 miles ( 70 – 150 km) range

The scooter also features a rich waterproof touchscreen display which has all basics features like speedometer and maps. In addition, the system also offers Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 4G. USB for smartphone connectivity.

You might be wondering that the foldable scooter can be in risk of being stolen but the app which comes with the scooter offers keyless ignition, battery life, lock, unlock and geo-tracking which can be used to track the scooter. Other notable features are the HD front-facing camera.


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