XTI Aircraft, a Denver based company established in 2012 is set to launch VTOL aircraft with business-class seating for four. The luxuries comfort of private business jet, TriFan 600 will also offer the ability to take off vertically and horizontally.

Image Courtesy: XTI Aircraft Company

Powered by hybrid electric propulsion drive for reduced emissions the TriFan 600 will travel at a max speed of 345mph and cruising altitude of 29 thousand feet which is well above predominant weather.

Image Courtesy: XTI Aircraft Company

The three ducted fan system will be used to take off vertically and its two fans attached to wings can be rotated forward for cruising. It will reach the max altitude of 29 thousand feet in just 11 minutes and can travel distance of 1380 nautical miles. When the aircraft is ready to land it will reverse the process, landing on helipad or anywhere it is legal and safe to land.

Image Courtesy: XTI Aircraft Company

XTI Aircraft is at 76 pre-order sales which bring their gross revenue to $494 million.

“This brings our backlog to 76,” said Robert LaBelle, Chief Executive Officer of XTI. “The new orders come at an excellent time,” LaBelle continued, “because this solidifies our budget and improves our revenue projections as we head into the initial flight tests for our 65% scale Proof of Concept aircraft. The total number of orders represents $494 million in gross revenues upon delivery of the aircraft.”

As of May 2019, XTI Aircraft has tested the 65% scale Proof of Concept at Placerville, California which the concept was built. The test conducted determined the functionality of electric motor, ducted wings fan, electrical system, and short hover. Check out the video below for milestone the company has accomplished.

We will keep an eye for how the company moves towards the there goal of getting FAA certified and initial production sometime around 2023.


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