During the 2019 Geneva Moto Show, Hispano Suiza a Spanish automaker company premiered a car inspired by the 1930’s Dubonnet Xenia. This beautiful futuristic electric supercar is capable of producing 1,019 HP and speed of 250km/h which is limited by the onboard computer.

Image Credits: Hispanosuizacars

The supercar called Carmen is fully electric, with dual motors in the rear axle. The Lithium-Ion battery pack which is temperature controlled sits behind the seat in T-shape which provides structural integrity and support.

Image Credits: Hispanosuizacars

The carbon fiber monocoque as you can presume by the price tag of $1.9 million euro. Makes the vehicle lightweight at 1,690kg and extending its range to 249 miles. That is if you are not taking your Carmen to its limits. If you do run out of juice it can be charged to 80% in only half hours says the manufacturer.


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