The Workhorse group a Cincinnati based company has given a new look into future of helicopters. The SureFly a personal helicopter eVTOL is designed for safe and effortless short to mid-distance flights. It is ready to set to go in production in 2019 and will set you back $200,000.

SureFly Personal Hybrid Electric Helicopter. Image Credits: SureFlyAero

Although eVTOL which stands for ‘Electric Vertical Takeoff Landing” vehicle. The SureFly is called hybrid eVTOL as it is mainly powered by a gasoline engine with a battery as a backup power source for extended 10 minutes of flight.

The personal aircraft is built in the USA using carbon fiber construction. The lightweight material brings the weight of aircraft to 1850lbs (839 kg) and a max takeoff weight of 2400lbs (1088 kg).

The Surefly aircraft is powered by 8 electric propellers which are installed in 4 arms which resemble helicopter rotor. The hybrid system includes gas combustion engine and dual Lithium-Ion battery pack (7.5kwh each) which is used in case of gasoline engine failure. Talking about failure the aircraft also includes ballistic parachute which can bring drown the whole aircraft safely. 

Front View. Image Credits: SureFlyAero

SureFly can seat two people or one person and cargo. The aircraft will have a flying time or 2.5 hours and max speed of 70 knots. It is to be seen if this hybrid craft will overcome financial and certification challenges. The company is currently accepting reservation of your personal helicopter for $1000.


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