Image Credit: Prometheus

Renowned prestigious accelerator YCombinator is now funding a tech startup looking to convert carbon dioxide into gasoline from thin air.   

“We have conviction that it’s a worthwhile endeavor to remove CO2 from the air and transform it into something else useful or figure out how to store it safely, long-term. They may seem like moonshots now, but our goal is to try to come up with technically feasible solution at realistic cost.” Said Sam Altman on YCombinator blog

Rob McGinnis told Bloomberg

Rob McGinnis a graduate of Ph.D. in Chemistry from Yale is the founder and CEO of Prometheus. The company is set to develop a machine which would pull carbon from the air and convert it into gasoline. The idea is that the machine would remove as much CO2 from the air then it would by burning gasoline produced – making it a carbon-neutral form of transportation.

The company is still in the initial phase as Rob McGinnis has not produced enough fuel to power his car for even 1 mile. This is because the company has only recently completed its first machine.

The entrepreneur told Bloomberg, he is set to sell his carbon-neutral fuel to market by end of 2020 at about $3 per gallon.


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