This futuristic water taxi, SeaBubbles which produces zero-emission has been tested in Lake Geneva, Switzerland. The water taxi is developed in partnership with ABB who specializes in the electrification of products.

Image Credit: SeaBubbles / ABB

The team which is behind SeaBubbles firmly believes that pollution is threatening people’s welfare and mobility. The developer would like to open up the waterways to transport people at car speed to their destination without impacting the city’s infrastructure.

The fully electric hovering boat is autonomous during the full ride. When it reaches the speed of 7.5 MPH (12km/h) it starts to hover over water and once you have reached your destination the boat comes back to waters level. This is achieved by an array of sensors which helps keep the boat stable and balanced.

Image Credit: SeaBubbles / ABB

The docking station where the boat will be at is a part of the ecosystem by the company. The dock will be used to charge the boat and dock will itself get the power from solar panels.

When you are ready to ride in one of this amazing green flying boat then pull out your phone where you have the app SeaBubbles installed, which can be used to book the ride.


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