As we all know, when it starts to get hot, we put the air conditioning unit on. Allowing us to feel comfortable and ignore the obvious heat in the air.

Well, in Qatar, it’s so hot outside that they’ve begun installing units for outdoor spaces. The outdoor spaces include open-markets, stadiums, and walkways. All of which are overly populated areas that get hotter with the more people in them.

Of the recent trend to install air conditioners for outdoor areas, the most notable has been for Al Janoub Stadium which will house over 40,000 soccer fans for the 2022 Fifa World Cup.

Founder of the sustainability-focused Gulf Organization for Research and Development, Yousef al-Horr, told The Washington Post:

“If you turn off air conditioners, it will be unbearable. You cannot function effectively,”

The main reason this is being done is because of climate change. As the planet is getting hotter and hotter, countries like Qatar get the worse of it as their temperature hits record highs such as 120°F.

With this being said, air conditioners won’t solve any of the major issues pertaining to the overwhelming warming of the planet. If you think about it, it’s sort of the opposite of what they should do.

As we know, airconditioning uses up a lot of energy from the planet, and since fossil fuels are how countries primarily get their energy source, installing a bunch of air conditioners will only make the situation worse as time goes on.

Not to mention that a lot of air conditioners let out pollutants that harm the planet on top of the energy it takes from it. As ironic as it is, it’s estimated that global demands for airconditioning could triple by 2050.

However, with the more air conditioners installed, the more polluted and higher CO2 emissions our planet receives.

Qatar is one of the biggest pollutants of CO2, and they, just like everyone else in the world, need to figure out how they can lower their emissions if we want to avoid the devastating reality of climate change.


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