On the 7th November of 2016 Cape Sharp Tidal safely deployed an OpenHydro turbine at the Fundy Ocean Research Center for Energy (FORCE) in Nova Scotia (Canada).

The first of two five-story high, 2MW turbines designed by Cape Sharp Tidal to harness the immense power of Bay of Fundy was installed off the coast of Nova Scotia. The Turbines was 16 meters in diameter and weighed 1000 tons each.

The Open-Centre Turbine was lowered to the sea floor in the Bay of Fundy – home of the world’s highest tides – in a two-hour operation during one tidal cycle.

Cape Sharp Tidal connected the Open-Centre Turbines to an export cable and started exporting power to the grid within 24 hours. North America’s most powerful tidal turbine is now lighting up homes in Nova Scotia.

A second turbine, planned for 2017, will make Cape Sharp Tidal one of the largest grid-connected, in-stream tidal energy arrays in the world.


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