Harley’s All-Electric Mountain Bike Concept – Engineered for Everywhere

Harley Davidson Concept Electric Dirt Bike
Concept Electric Dirt Bike by Harley Davidson. Image Credit: Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson released two new 100% electric concept bikes during the CES 2019. Which is a sign that the motorcycle manufacturer is set to electrify its lineup.

Our favorite Harley from the released concept bikes. Is the all-electric mountain bike which is designed to be ridden on any terrain.

Equipped with off-road knobby tires and inverted fork suspension for better handling. The electric mountain bike will be ready to tackle all sort of terrains.

“These concepts are built with the routine and the rad in mind. They reimagine the urban commute and make off-road experiences accessible – unlocking the city in the process.”

The bike offers a sleek design and back and orange color pallets which match the brand. The combination of design from motorcycle and bike worlds. Especially, inclusion of using a belt drive, electric motor, lightweight frame, and premium suspension system. In result, will achieve superior performance and handling in both on-road and off-road environment.

The technicality of the drive train of the mountain bike will not include clutch and gear system. In fact, “Twist and go” will be the system used as incorporated in scooters we see on the streets. To achieve instant torque from ground zero the bike receives power from a compact battery source. To make it more convenient charging experience Harley Davidson will include a removable battery.

No further specs are currently available on the electric Harley mountain bike. The good news is that Harley has clarified that it will not need a motorcycle license to operate.

Check out the video below of Jacko Strong testing the bike out.


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