Have you ever thought of drone flying indefinitely in the air? Well, researchers from Imperial College London have demonstrated such a feat. Inspired by concept pioneered by Nikola Tesla the team implemented the technology that could recharge the drone in mid-air.

The concept pioneered by Nikola Tesla 100 years ago, Induction Coupling which uses two wires bent into a coil ring, one which is connected to a power source and the other which induces the electricity by being within the range of others magnetic field.

The team from Imperial College London demonstrated the technology on off-the-shelf small 12 centimeters in diameter drone. They removed the battery and altered the electronic by wrapping the drone in copper foil ring. On the ground, a transmitter device made up of electronic and connected to power source generated a magnetic which was used by the drone to power itself.

The team was only able to demonstrate the working of the technology when the drone was within 4 inches of the transmitter’s magnetic field. They believe that within a years’ time period they will be able to create consumer-grade products.


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