Is this some kind of hovering racecar? No, but, despite having the look of one this is, in fact, a personal submarine which you can purchase from DeepFlight for handsome $1.5 million. This personal submarine is fully electric with 14 Kwh (LiFePO4) battery pack giving the operator to explore the depth of the ocean (330ft) for 8 hours.

The submarine does not require any special training to operate it. This vehicle like all other vehicles of DeepFlight is developed with fixed positive buoyancy meaning if you would lose power the submarine would float to the top on its own. It accomplishes that by continuously applying downwards thrust.

The submarine is powered using lithium-ion phosphate battery which powers the four rotating engine pod which allows the craft to navigate underwater. The battery is fully charged within 4 hours.

So when you are sailing on the sea in your super yacht hopefully that too is electric and wonders what is below your feet you can hope into your $1.5 million DeepFlight Dragon and find out. The two seter submarine is an open invitation for me to accompany you if you happen to purchase one.


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