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‘Negative Emission’ Tech to Capture 250k Car Worth of CO2 Yearly

Image Credit: Carbon EngineeringCanadian company Carbon Engineering has created direct air capture (DAC) technology, which can remove Carbon Dioxide (CO2) from the air at...

Most Powerful Tidal 2MW Turbine, The Open-Centre

On the 7th November of 2016 Cape Sharp Tidal safely deployed an OpenHydro turbine at the Fundy Ocean Research Center for Energy (FORCE) in Nova Scotia (Canada).

Transparent Solar Panel a Path Towards Solar City

Image Credit: PHYSEESolar power panel has not only gone down in price in decades but it is now being combined with windows to power...

‘WiFi Finder’ app left over 2 million network passwords exposed

Searching for a reliable hotspot can be the most challenging task when you are out and about. “WiFi Finder” an Android App which was downloaded by more than 500...