Photo by Blake Wheeler on Unsplash

Homelessness: something we all can empathize with and has become a major issue in major cities like Los Angeles, CA. With all the complaints of homeless in major cities, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of discussion as to how they can solve the homeless issue.

Well, in recent news housing nonprofit New Story has shared its plans to 3D-print an entire neighborhood as a way to combat homelessness. With this announcement, the project is unveiling 50 homes in Mexico.

The company created the 500-square homes with the Vulcan II; a 3D-printer by Icon, an Austrian-based company. The houses each have two-bedrooms and one-bathroom and they only 24-hours to print. The entire project took several days, which isn’t too bad considering it’s 50 different homes.

As for the families who are moving into the homes, they were picked since they each make a median monthly income of only $80. Many of which have previously lived in shacks that aren’t technically homes.

New Story co-founder, Alexandria Lafci, told Fast Company:

“Most of the families slated to move into the 3D-printed neighborhood have never had indoor plumbing before.”

With this initial goal accomplished, the non-profit plans on expanding and influencing other companies to look at 3D printing as a solution to homelessness.

New Story CEO, Brett Hagler, told Fast Company:

“We feel like we’ve proved [sic] what’s possible by bringing this machine down to a rural area in Mexico, in a seismic zone, and successfully printing these first few houses,”

Hagler went on to say:

“Once people see it in person, it’s no longer a crazy idea.”

No matter what you’re thoughts on homelessness are, the reality is that a solution like this is something that can seriously help the issue.


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