Image Credit: Pexels / Budapest, Hungary

Hungary is planning to develop a fully carbon-neutral town in the northwest part of the country. The town which is being built on the top of flood plain will provide 5 thousand jobs and housing as reported by Bloomberg.

The billion-dollar Hegyeshalom-Bezenye project which will be the size of 500 soccer pitches will have full-featured amenities. When completed it will have 1,000 homes, schools, restaurants, shopping centers, rail stations and many more amenities that are essential for a town.

The sweeping infrastructure and horticultural project underlines “how a scrap of land and vision can create a green business and community venture of scale,” said Nikolai Ulrich, a member of FAKT AG.

German property company FAKT AG and co-developer EON SE said the carbon-neutral town will produce energy from solar and biogas.


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